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14.650 - Self-Storing Polyurethane Hose 1/4 x 50' x 1/4 (m) NPT Maxair



Features and benefits

• Ester-based polyurethane hose ideal for applications in presence of oils
• Easily stretches and retracts automatically
• Excellent recoil memory
• Highly abrasion-resistant
• Excellent kink resistance
• 25% lighter than rubber self-storing hoses
• Superior elasticity and flexibility compared to nylon hose
• Reusable heavy-duty Nickel-plated brass fittings
• Dependable fittings, leak-tight seal, and resistant to loosening caused by vibration
• Swivel fitting on the 4-inch end of the air supply side for maximum directional flexibility
• Non-swivel fitting on the 20-inch end of the tool side improves vibration resistance for safe connection
• Silicone-free

Operation and installation

It is important to choose the proper interior hose diameter according to the airflow required for the application
3/8 I.D. offers 3 times more flow than 1/4. I.D.


Technical specifications and certifications

• Hose I.D.: 1/4 in
• Coil O.D.: 2.8 in
• Total Length: 50 ft
• Working Length: 40 ft
• Fittings (M): 1/4 NPT
• Maximum Working Pressure: 132 PSI at 23 °C
• Working Temperature Range: -20 to 70 °C
• Durometer: Shore A 98
• Recommended Working Length: 80 % of the total length

• Polyurethane (ester-based)