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20.448.100 - Coupler Unisafe Safety (5 in 1) 1/4 (f) NPT (automatic) 100/case




Technical specifications and certifications

• Thread: 1/4 (F) NPT
• Maximum Working Pressure: 200 PSI
• Working Temperature: -20 to 93 °C
• Airflow: 34 SCFM at 100 PSI inlet with 10 PSI pressure drop

• Body: Nickel-plated steel
• Sleeve: Nickel-plated steel
• Valve: Nickel-plated steel
• Valve Spring: Zinc plated steel
• Locking Mechanism: Hardened nickel-plated steel balls
• Seals: Nitrile rubber

Features and benefits

• Accept ULTRAFLO, 1/4 INDUSTRIAL, ARO 210, 1/4 TRUFLATE, and LINCOLN type plugs
• Safety coupler minimizes the possibility of hazardous hose whip by exhausting air pressure prior to disconnection
• Valve sleeve is operated independently of locking sleeve. When the valve sleeve is moved to shut off airflow downstream pressure is automatically vented
• Disconnection and connection are performed easily at zero pressure
• Automatic push-to-connect operation
• Proven six-ball locking mechanism evenly distributes load to resist wear and to provide positive connections. It also provides accurate alignment and allows a swiveling action to reduce hose torque
• Knurling and grooves on the sleeves provide a good gripping surface for ease of operation
• Also act as a slide valve for shutting down air to applications
• Accept 5 types of plugs: ULTRAFLO, 1/4 INDUSTRIAL, ARO 210, 1/4 TRUFLATE, and LINCOLN

Operation and installation

1. Slide the large sleeve to release downstream pressure
2. Slide the small sleeve to release the plug


• Any air tool or automated equipment • Connection: where safety is of utmost concern (hose whip, accidental disconnection)