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51.250 - Airflo 200 Integrated Filter/Regulator 1/4 Semi-Auto



Technical specifications and certifications

• Port Size: 1/4 (F) NPT
• Maximum Airflow at 100 PSI: 19 SCFM
• Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
• Pressure Range: Standard: 5-125 PSI
Options: 5-30 PSI • 5-60 PSI
• Working Temperature: 5 to 60 °C
• Filtration: 5 microns
• Drain: Semi-automatic, 6 Mm O.D. tubing
• Bowl Capacity: 15 ml
• Pressure Gauge Port Size: 1/8 (F) NPT

• Body Material(s): Die-cast aluminum
• Bowl Type: Polycarbonate with steel guard
• Bowl Guard: Steel
• Regulation Type: Relieving
• Filter Element: Polyethylene, 5 microns
• Deflector & Spinner: ABS
• O-Rings & Seals: EPDM rubber
• Regulator Cap: Reinforced nylon
• Regulator Adjusting Knob: Reinforced nylon
• Diaphragm: EPDM rubber
• Poppet Valve: Brass and rubber
• Regulator Spring: Stainless steel

Features and benefits

• Space-saving integrated filter/regulator design
• Removes water through centrifugal force
• Removes contaminants down to 5 microns in size
• Standard semi-automatic drain requires a simple tug of the ring to drain
• Accurate pressure control with little drift
• Removable locking push-pull adjusting knob
• Pressure gauge and mounting bracket included

Operation and installation

Install the filter as far as possible from the compressor to allow the compressed air to cool and water vapors to condense. Removal of water in liquid form is more effective than removing water which is vapor form.
Install the filter closest to the tool and before the lubricator and regulator
Always install the filter with the arrows pointing to the tool or application

Install the regulator on each pipe where applications and air tools require different working pressure
Always install the regulator downstream of a filter and upstream of a lubricator
Can be installed vertically or horizontally
Always install regulator with the arrows pointing to the tool or application

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