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60.400 - Topgun Air Screen Blow Gun




Features and benefits

• Deliver high thrust with pinpoint accuracy
• Protective air screen protects users against dangerous "chip fly back"
• Should the tip be blocked, the entire airflow is diverted through the slots so the static pressure remains under 30 PSI (meets OSHA standards)
• Magnetic hook option for easy storage

Operation and installation

While the main airflow exits through the tip to move and dislodge debris, a small portion of the main airflow is diverted through slots around the periphery of the tip to form a protective air screen
This protective air screen prevents chips and other debris from blowing back towards the user
Should the tip of the nozzle be blocked, the entire airflow will be diverted through the side slots so the static pressure remains under 30 PSI (meets OSHA standards)


• Users should never use blow guns to clean themselves
• A vacuum or a safety cleaning unit should be used instead


• Cleaning of machine tools, woodworking tools, textile, and other production equipment
• General cleaning and maintenance


Technical specifications and certifications

• Maximum Output Thrust: 0.4 lbf
• Noise Level: 102 dB
• Air Consumption: 35 SCFM
• Short nozzle
• Maximum Working Pressure: 120 PSI
• Working Temperature: -40 to 65 °C
• Connection: 1/4 (F) NPT

• Body: Cast aluminum
• Nozzle: Aluminium alloy, brass or stainless steel
• Tube: Durable cast aluminum or stainless steel
• Valve: Brass
• Springs: Stainless steel
• Seals: Nitrile rubber