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63.661 - Inflator Gauge Digital/Clip-on 39'' 7-174 psi




Technical specifications and certifications

• Gauge with 1 m (39 in) hose and clip-on air chuck
• Maximum Working Pressure: 7 to 174 PSI
• Maximum inlet pressure: 232 PSI
• Working Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
• Air Inlet: 1/4 (F) NPT
• Battery: AAA

Features and benefits

• Ideal for exact pressure inflation on North-American and imported vehicles equipped with TPMS pressure sensors
• Large 90 mm gauge with LCD display for pressure reading from 7 to 174 PSI (0-12 bar) / 0.1 increment
• 4 pressure reading measures PSI, BAR, KGF, and KPA
• 3 functions: inflates, deflates, and measures tire pressure
• Gauge encased in a rubber protector for high impact resistance
• Interchangeable clip-on air chuck (63.203)
• Flexible 1 m (39 in) hose (the optional 2 m (78 in) hose allows the use of the gauge from a safe distance from the tire during inflation in a cage)
• Automatic shut off after 90 seconds to increase battery life time
• Spare AAA battery included and easy to change
• Nitrogen compatible
• Allows precise tire inflation avoiding false warning messages


• For safety reasons and to reduce tire wear as well as fuel consumption, it is recommended to check the tire pressure once a month and before any long distance drive
• The pressure should be checked when the tires are cold (vehicle has been stationary for at least three hours or after driving less than 2 km)


• Cars, light and heavy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, racing vehicles