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64.540 - Tool Balancer – Heavy Duty 40-50 kg




Features and benefits

• Zero gravity, true balance
• Eight models supporting weights from 9.9 to 154 lb.
• Tapered drum allows “true balance” throughout cable travel
• External tensioning
• Manual drum lock
• Permanent lubrication
• 360° top swivel
• 4.3 ft of 5/32" (4 mm) diameter (for 64.515 and 64.520)
• 5 ft of 3/16" diameter (for 64.525 to 64.540)

• TOPRING heavy-duty balancers are designed to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue in more demanding applications.
• They offer a number of benefits to the user, including improving the stability of tools and thereby increasing accuracy, freeing up workspace, and preventing tools from being damaged.

Operation and installation

The first consideration should be given to the weight of the total load to be suspended (tool plus hose plus other attachments)
If the total weight is in between the maximum capacity of one model and the minimum capacity of another, it is better to select the largest capacity model
In order to suspend a tool further from the tool balancer than the cable length allows, simply use an extra length of cable between the tool balancer and the tool


• Especially suited for assembly lines in automotive, appliances, electronics, automotive, and packaging sectors


Technical specifications and certifications

• Housing: Cast aluminum or ABS (64.500)
• Cable: Steel