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69.450 - Synthetic Air Tool Oil (500 ml)




Technical specifications and certifications

• Pour Point: -55 °C
• Grade: ISO 32 / SAE 15
• Size: 500 ml

Features and benefits

• Detergent-free synthetic formula, with polyalphaolefins for optimum speed and power of air tools and pneumatic cylinders
• Very low pour point (-55°C) and stable viscosity allow to lubricate and protect air tools exposed to extreme lower temperatures
• Contains additives to prevent rust for longer air tools service life
• Minimizes gumming and varnishing to attain optimum air tools speed and power
• Daily use extends air tools service life
• 500 ml and 1 L format have flip-up spout (69.500)
• Lubrication of air tools is one of the most important preventive maintenance factors
• The majority of tool failures can be traced to inadequate lubrication. Tools should be oiled daily through the air inlet, ideally through airline lubricators installed at air tool locations

Operation and installation

A lubricator uses an average of 1 L of oil every 2 to 3 months
Synthetic air tool oil may affect some plastic components used in lubricators. Compatibility should be checked before using any synthetic air tool oil
TOPRING recommends using lubricators with aluminum or zinc bowls with synthetic oil
The pour point refers to the minimum temperature at which the oil continues to flow
Below the pour point, the oil tends to thicken and ceases to flow freely


• All air tools, air control valves, pneumatic cylinders, and air motors requiring oil lubrication at extreme temperatures