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60.573 - Maxpro Kit with Safety Blow Gun and 5 Interchangeable Nozzles




Features and benefits

MAXPRO Blow gun features and benefits:
• High flow output performance for maximum blowing power
• Manufactured to meet OSHA and other Health and Safety Agencies'Standards, ensuring output pressure less than 30 PSI even with complete obstruction of the nozzle (inlet pressure of 120 PSI)
• Robust and powerful with its superior durability due to the blow gun manufacturing materials
• Airflow adjustment with control mechanism allows progressive and smooth adjustment of compressed airflow with simple pressure exerted on the lever
• Facilitate storage with a convenient built-in hook to facilitate storage
• Ergonomic design with a functional lever handle for quick and comfortable grip

This kit includes 6 pieces:
• 1 compact and safety MAXPRO blow gun
• Standard air-jet nozzle
• Startip concentrate air-jet nozzle
• Venturi nozzle
• 25 cm (10") Tube
• 15 cm (6") Tube


Machine and woodworking shops, construction, lumber mills, paper, and textile mills, foundries, transportation, bakeries and food processing, rubber, and plastic manufacturing plants, general clean-up and maintenance