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69.104 - Air Tool Mineral Oil (4l)




Technical specifications and certifications

• Pour Point: -32 °C
• Grade: ISO 32 / SAE 15
• Size: 4 L

Features and benefits

• Detergent-free mineral formula for maximum output and superior performance of air tools
• Contains premium anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants additives to dissolve gum and deposits to extend air tools service life
• Prevents rust formation, carbon build-up and varnish problems maintaining speed and power of air tools
• Both the 500 ml and 1 L bottles have convenient flip-up spout (69.500)

Operation and installation

A lubricator uses an average of 1 L of oil every 2 to 3 months
It is recommended that a small amount of oil should be squeezed into the tool before storage
The pour point refers to the minimum temperature at which the oil continues to flow
Below the pour point, the oil tends to thicken and to cease to flow freely


• All types of air tools such as impact wrenches, hammers, grinders, sanders and all other air tools or pneumatic equipment
• All air control valves, pneumatic cylinders and air motors requiring oil lubrication