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69.604 - Synthetic Piston Compressor oil (4l)




Technical specifications and certifications

• Pour Point: -45 °C
• Grade: ISO 150 / SAE 40
• Service life: 6000 to 8000 hours depending on the temperature used
• Size: 4 L

Features and benefits

• Optimum lubricating and superior protection of compressor, crankcase, and cylinders
• High resistance against oxidation resulting in reduced gum, sludge, and deposits
• Additives that protect against carbon build-up and viscosity break-down
• Extends service intervals by a factor of two and service life of compressor and oil
• Specially formulated for compressor usage in lower operating temperatures
• Lowers compressor operating temperature by up to 10°C
• Excellent anti-foam properties
• Detergent-free formula
• 1 L format has a convenient flip-up spout (69.500)

Operation and installation

The pour point refers to the minimum temperature at which the oil continues to flow
Below the pour point, the oil tends to thicken and cease to flow freely


• Carefully check synthetic oil compatibility with compressor before usage
• If synthetic oil has been used in the past, compatibility should be checked or the system must be completely purged before changing to another oil type, in order to avoid potential compressor damage